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We partner with schools and universities in order to provide them with exceptional trips throughout Europe. We like to consider ourselves their in-house travel professionals, planning every detail and providing every necessary bit of information leading up to the trip. 

Our trips are directed by dedicated professionals holding advanced degrees. Their goal, through professional conduct and engaging tours, is to inspire students and impart the very best of Europe’s faith, history and culture. 

We provide the following services free of charge prior to any financial commitment on the part of the booking party:

  • Trip Planning and Preparation
  • Promotional Materials and Forms
  • Detailed Quote

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What Our Clients Say

ProRome offered experienced and friendly coordination for our high school pilgrimage to Rome & Assisi. Joe and his team know the ins and outs of European travel, and they put their expertise at our service. I can confidently say they went the extra mile to make sure our needs were met. Thanks to their diligence, our students enjoyed affordable travel to Italy, knowledgeable guides to Rome’s most important sites, and great meals at the end of each day!

Father Joseph Scholten

Chaplain, Bishop O'Gorman Catholic High School

We attended a ProRome trip with my daughter’s school during Easter Week, 2019. I can honestly say our entire experience was life changing. Months after the trip, the students have maintained their friendships both personally and via social media. I highly recommend a ProRome trip for your family, your school or church group! We can’t wait to return for another!

Michelle Blanton

Parent Chaperone

ProRome was a pleasure to work with! We requested a tour to Venice, Florence and Rome and their professionalism and expertise made the entire planning process easy.Their tour director Joe Long’s passion for history and culture was infectious and his attention to detail and diligence in the planning and execution of the trip was admirable! Highly recommend! 

John Archer, Professor

Elizabeth Seton High School, MD

We sent our 17 year old daughter to Italy this summer with ProRome and were absolutely pleased. Having not been out of the US ourselves we were a little nervous, but ProRome was more than accommodating from the moment they met her at the airport until she was back in the US weeks later. Her calls home during the trip assured us she was having the time of her life and we were so happy for her. The days in Rome were superb and the trip to Florence was her highlight. ProRome took care of every detail and we have no regrets here! 
Jane Bernardel


ProRome gave our school group the best experience ever for our trip to Rome and Assisi. Our tour leader had a deep knowledge of history and architecture, while his personality always kept the tours exciting and fresh. He kept our group safe and was always attentive to our needs.  I cannot recommend ProRome enough, nor can I thank them enough!

Conor O'Donnell, Professor

Tyburn Academy, New York

Trip Portfolio

Our growing portfolio features nearly twenty-five trips throughout Europe and the Holy Land. Most of these trips fall under the category of pilgrimage, immersion program, study abroad, or a combination of all three. Our trips are always tailored to meet the needs of each group. To request more information or to plan something completely new, simply contact us today. 

Our Most Popular Trips


Rome is the greatest city in the world. Our trips to Rome highlight the history, culture and spiritual heritage of the Caput Mundi. Most of our Rome itineraries stay in Rome and take day trips throughout the region. Learn More

Rome, Assisi and Orvieto

This trip highlights Rome’s greatest Christian sites as well as two of Italy’s most beautiful hilltop towns, Assisi & Orvieto. The itinerary features six nights in Rome and three nights in Assisi. Learn More

Venice & Rome

On this trip we explore the canals of La Serenissima, climb the Dolomites and explore the wonders of Christian Rome. The itinerary features three nights in Venice and six nights in Rome. Learn More

Florence, Siena & Rome

This trip highlights the greatest of Florence and Rome.  The itinerary features three nights in Florence, two nights in Siena and four nights in Rome. Learn More


This trip explores the riches of Christian Ireland and examines how the Irish truly did save Western civilization. The itinerary features three nights in Dublin, three nights in Galway and three nights in Killarney. Learn More

The Holy Land

On this trip we will visit the many incredible sites throughout the Holy Land. The itinerary features five nights in Jerusalem, three nights in Tiberias and one night in Tel Aviv. Learn More

All Trips


  • Rome
  • Florence & Venice
  • Rome, Assisi, Orvieto
  • Rome & Tuscany
  • Rome, Southern Italy
  • Rome & Venice
  • Sicily & Malta
  • Learn More

Western Europe

  • Catholic Ireland
  • Ireland & Scotland
  • Catholic England
  • Paris & Normandy
  • Paris & Lourdes
  • Lourdes & Fatima
  • Spain & the Camino
  • Learn More

Eastern Europe

  • Poland & St. JP II
  • Poland & Rome
  • Hapsburg Empire
  • Austria & Bavaria
  • Catholic Germany
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Learn More

Holy Land & More

  • The Holy Land
  • Holy Land & Rome
  • Footsteps of St. Paul
  • Greece & Rome
  • River and Med Cruise
  • Custom Trips Italy
  • Custom Trips Europe
  • Learn More


How much does a trip typically cost?

Our school trips range in price and typically run anywhere from $2500.00 to $5000.00 per person. The price is determined by the type of group, the length of stay, the class of lodging and more. Most school trips cost about $3200.00 and this includes airfare from the USA.  

Does the cost include everything?

Our tour price includes everything except one daily meal (lunch or dinner). 

Does the trip coordinator travel for free?

Yes. We award one free ticket for every twenty travelers. 

What is the minimum and maximum number of students permitted on the trip?

Typically the minimum is twenty and the maximum is forty-five. We can accommodate more or less than this number however there will be certain limitations. Inquire for more details.

Step by Step Planning Process

Step 1 - Planning

We’ll meet with you (by phone or in person) to discuss your trip in detail: costs, itinerary, dates, overall theme, etc. We’ll then get to work preparing everything for you.

Step 2 - Itinerary & Quote

Within two weeks we’ll send over a detailed tour itinerary along with a detailed quote. Once you confirm the trip and accept the quote, we’ll finalize marketing materials for you.

Step 3 - Promotion

ProRome will provide you with digital marketing materials (print materials available for a fee). You will then have a predetermined period of time to promote the trip before deposits and registrations are due. Prior to that no financial or written commitment is required.

Step 4 - Enjoy the Trip!

Your ProRome tour director and private coach are waiting for you when you arrive. Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip!

Travel & Safety

Is ProRome insured? Also, is there travel insurance available?

Yes. We are fully insured with Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance through Zurich American Insurance Company . And yes, travel insurance can be purchased through ProRome Tours.

Is Europe safe?

Europe is safe. The American and European authorities are doing an excellent job of keeping visitors safe and comfortable.

Just as anywhere, the vigilance and responsibility of the trip staff is paramount in order to ensure the safety of the students. ProRome requires that chaperones and/or staff are with the students at all times.

Can you tell me a little bit about the ProRome staff’s qualifications?

Each ProRome staff member has at least two years of expereince in the field and has a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts. Each staff member is CPR and AED certified. Each staff member has undergone background checks and is Virtus ® certified.

What happens if there is a threat or an attack of any sort?

ProRome remains in close contact with the American embassies in Italy and beyond, who issues safety and security messages for Italy on their website.

In the case of an emergency, we will first ensure that all of our students are safe and able to communicate immediately with their parents. We will then follow the instructions of the local European and American authorities and make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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