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As a full-service tour operator we specialize in pilgrimages and school trips throughout Europe. We also offer DMC services for larger groups as well as private solutions for family trips and weddings. 


  • Catholic Parishes
  • Catholic Dioceses

School Trips

  • Catholic High Schools
  • Universities

DMC Services

  • Flight & Coach Bookings
  • Venues & Tour Services

Family and Friend Groups

  • Family Reunions
  • Weddings

“Highly, Highly recommend!

This was an anniversary trip – I didn’t want to do a tour group thing, but husband did. So glad we went this route – this is not your parents’ “tour group” gig!” Steve and Kathi Boor, Texas (Parish Trip to Italy)

“The accommodations ProRome arranged were amazing.

“They had us in a picturesque villa stocked with local wine, cheeses, and meats.”

Joshua Blonski, Minnesota (Family Group)

“Fantastic trip. Trip of a lifetime.

They had us staying at very nice hotels, very close to all the sites. Wonderful.”

Brian and Lisa Duyck, Wyoming (Parish Trip to France, Spain & Portugal)


I’d like to take a group to Europe. How many people must sign up?

Our trips require a minimum of 20, and a maximum of 45 travelers.

How would you characterize your trips? I want to make sure that ProRome is for me.

Client-focused. We do everything for you. We’ll analyze your group and put together a trip that perfectly fits your needs.

We would some help in deciding where and when to go. Can you help us out?

Of course we can. We’ll share with you a variety of sample itineraries so that you can make an informed decision.

We’d like to go to Italy next year at some point. Now what do we do?

Let’s talk. That way we can dive right into the details. Within 2-3 weeks we’ll have everything ready for you to start promoting!

My wife and I would like to visit Venice before meeting the group in Rome. Can we still be a part of the group flight?

Absolutely. You will fly over on your own and then fly back with the group. 

What happens if we try to organize a trip but it doesn’t work out?

Nothing at all. We’ve just become friends and we can always try to put something together again in the future.


How much do your trips cost?

It absolutely depends on your group. When you would like to go and what you would like to do will help determine the overall cost of the trip. Our trips have ranged everywhere between $1900.00 and $10,000.00.

Is there any sort of discount available for the trip leader?

We award one free ticket for every twenty travelers.

Travel Safety

Is ProRome Tours insured? Also, is there travel insurance available for the group?

Yes. We are fully insured with the International Advantage ® Commercial Insurance Policy through ACE American Insurance Company. And yes, travel insurance can be purchased through ProRome.

We’re a little bit worried about the state of affairs in Europe. What would you say about that?

Europe is going through a difficult time. That said none of our groups have never felt threatened while traveling with us. We stay in safe hotels and remain vigilant and smart while out on tour.

Furthermore, ProRome remains in close contact with the American embassies throughout Europe, notifying them of our trips. Therefore in the case of emergency the authorities know where we are and how to reach us.

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