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Slide Featured Pilgrimages & always customizable Rome & Assisi from $2380.00 pp Learn Morekeyboard_arrow_right Catholic Ireland from $2610.00 pp Learn Morekeyboard_arrow_right Catholic England from $2790.00 pp Learn Morekeyboard_arrow_right The Holy Land from $3290.00 pp Learn Morekeyboard_arrow_right Paris & Lourdes from $3290.00 pp Learn Morekeyboard_arrow_right Lourdes, Santiago & Fatima from $3190.00 pp Learn Morekeyboard_arrow_right

Slide All Pilgrimages ALWAYS CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR GROUP Italy Rome & Assisi (or Siena) 7 Nights Rome, 2 Nights Assisi $2380 Italy: Land of Saints & Miracles 5 Nights Rome, 2 Nights San
Giovanni Rotondo, 2 Nights Assisi
$2580 Rome & Umbria 3 Nights Rome, 2 Nights Assisi
2 Nights Siena, 2 Nights Cascia
$2580 Footsteps of Pope St. John Paul II 4 Nights Rome, 4 Nights Krakow, 1 Night Warsaw $2990
Europe, the UK & Ireland Catholic Ireland 3 Nights Dublin, 3 Nights Galway
3 Nights Killarney
$2610 Catholic England 4 Nights London, 2 Nights Oxford
2 Nights Walsingham, 1 Night Cambridge
$2790 Catholic France: Paris to Lourdes 4 Nights Paris, 1 Nights Rocamadour
3 Nights Lourdes
$3290 Lourdes, Santiago & Fatima 2 Nights Barcelona, 3 Nights Lourdes
2 Nights Loyola, 3 Nights Fatima
$3190 Catholic Kings: The Hapsburgs 3 Nights Vienna, 3 Nights Prague
3 Nights Salzburg
Eastern Mediterranean The Holy Land 6 Nights Jerusalem, 3 Nights Tiberias $3290 Greece & Ephesus & Cruise 4 Nights Athens, 3 Nights Thessaloniki
3 Nights on Cruise
$3290 The Three Great Pilgrimages 4 Nights Jerusalem, 4 Nights Rome
4 Nights Santiago
Lead It Yourself Package Available. Inquire for More Details

Our Pilgrimages

True Journeys in the Faith


Real Pilgrimage

Our pilgrimages prioritize daily Mass (always celebrated in a beautiful church) and prayers, and the relics, saints and martyrs that we will encounter are at the foundation of the program.

Always Customized for You

Our pilgrimages are always customized. We understand that every group has a particular budget and specific religious devotions, and we'll build the itinerary to reflect that.


We pride ourselves in being professional, from initial planning to operation to your return home. The entire planning and quoting process is offered free of charge - how it should be.
How It Works

The Planning Process

We custom design pilgrimages for every group. In order to start designing the right pilgrimage for your group, we’ll first need to have a conversation.

After we learn all about your group, we’ll get to work building a proposal. This proposal will include a detailed itinerary, an estimate and an overview of what is and what is not included.


The planning process is simple, and requires no commitment on your part. Let’s get started!


Contact Us

Get in touch with us and tell us all about your group. We'll then get to work planning and preparing a proposal.


Proposal Review

Review our proposal. Let us know if there are any changes that you'd like to make. We'll do all we can to meet your budget and fulfill your requests.


Promote Trip

We'll design promotional brochures, flyers and even a webpage for your trip - all for free. You can then get to work promoting.

Our Key Features

& Why Our Pilgrimages Are Second to None

Faith First

Our pilgrimages put the Faith first. The itinerary - both daily and overall - will reflect that.

Always Custom

Every trip can be customized to meet your needs.

Free Planning & Promotion

No financial commitment (deposit) is required to start planning and promotion.

Free Tickets

We offer one free ticket for every twenty paying travelers.

Fully Insured

We understand liability. We're fully insured with Zurich American Insurance Company.


We work with all groups and all budgets.

Different Types of Pilgrimages

How They Work & What is Included


These trips do not include airfare or US airport transfers.


All Lodging Expenses in 4 Star Hotel
Private Bus Throughout
Private Tour Director & Guides
All Tips, Gratuities & Extras
Most Meals


Our most popular option, these trips include everything in the cost.


Roundtrip Airfare with Luggage
All Lodging Expenses in 4 Star Hotel
Private Bus Throughout
Private Tour Director & Guides
All Tips, Gratuities & Extras
Most Meals


We book everything for you, you lead it yourself.


Roundtrip Airfare with Luggage
All Lodging Expenses in 4 Star Hotel
Airport Transfers in Europe
Most Meals
Planned Itinerary & Tour Guide Info
Have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find your questions below, just get in touch!

01How far in advance should we plan?

One year is best.

Planning, promotion and preparing for a trip is a huge endeavor. Properly planned, however, everything will go smoothly. We suggest that you begin planning at least one year in advance. Every step of the way, we’re here to make sure your trip planning, preparation and operation goes smoothly.

02What is the minimum/maximum number of travelers?

Minimum 20, Maximum 45

Normally our minimum number is twenty and maximum number is forty five. This keeps the prices down and the group together. We can accommodate smaller or larger groups; please inquire for more details.

03How do contracts and payments work?

Client to ProRome

When a traveler registers for a trip, he or she signs a contract. This agreement is understood to be between ProRome (the tour operator) and the individual traveler and (if a minor) his or her parent/ward.

ProRome can provide a contract that will outline the professional expectations and obligations of both the contracting party and ProRome, however this is not required nor necessary.

Payments are made in three installments – $200.0 deposit (due months prior to trip) 50% Installment (due 5 months prior to trip) and remaining balance (due 3 months prior to trip). Payments can be made directly by the client to ProRome or can be collected by the contracting party, bundled, and then sent to ProRome.

04Can I speak with past trip chaplains and organizers?


We have a list of past trip chaplains and leaders who have volunteered to share their experience with ProRome with anyone interested.  Please ask!

05Can you tell me a bit about your pilgrimage directors?

Trustworthy and Professional Individuals

Our pilgrimage directors are trustworthy and professional individuals who we’ve hired after a thorough review of their character, background, education and commitment to faith and family. Furthermore, all tour directors are background checked and Virtus certified.

06What is your safety protocol in Europe?

Strict and Observant

We follow the strictest safety guidelines on every tour. Students are never permitted without an adult chaperone or staff member; we implement and a thorough responsibility system with each group; we listen and remain in close contact with the US embassies and consulates throughout Europe; we have a detailed emergency plan that our staff carries with them at all times.

07Are you insured?

Fully Insured

We’re fully insured by Zurich American Insurance Company. Our plan is the Tour Operator and Travel Agent general liability insurance.

Slide I am happy to endorse ProRome. Their faith-based trips and high school summer programs are second to none. They will change your life! Archbishop Di Noia, O.P. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith "Second to None." Slide ProRome was a pleasure to work with! We requested a tour to Venice, Florence and Rome and their professionalism and expertise was absolute! Mrs. Elizabeth Turcan Professor, Seton High School, Maryland "Highly Endorse!" Slide I endorse ProRome. I served for a time as the Academic Dean for the ProRome summer programs. This was one of the best experiences of my teaching career! Dr. Mark Clark Catholic University of America; Ph.D., Columbia University "Nothing Comparable. Bravo!" Slide ProRome is a great family-run company, solidly Catholic. They give personal attention to every detail and provide customized tours. I highly endorse ProRome! Rev. Bryan Jerabek Chancellor of the Diocese of Birmingham, AL "Great Family-Run Company."
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