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We are a family business with a global reach. Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, we’ve developed strategic partnerships with travel professionals – both at home and abroad – since our inception in 2014. Our network now spans the globe, and we’re proud to say that we provide world-class customer service and comprehensive tour services for every client. Below you can meet a few of those persons who will help make your trip planning and preparation absolutely seamless. 

Joe Long

Founder & Managing Director

As an outbound Tour Operator, ProRome hosts dozens of trips throughout Europe & the Holy Land every year. Joe oversees the planning and preparation of these trips and sometimes even leads them himself. A dual citizen of the US and Italy, Joseph divides his time between Charlottesville, VA and Rome, Italy.


Daniel Kirkland

Office Manager

Daniel Kirkland is the office manager at ProRome’s headquarters in Charlottesville, VA. Daniel handles the administrative aspects of preparing for tours, manages all billing, and keeps the office running.


Mary Rose Gallipeau


Mary Rose acts as the liaison officer for ProRome, developing relationships and coordinating with clients to provide them with trip information.


Bethany Bateman

Summer Program Coordinator

Bethany Bateman has a B.A. in Political Science from Ave Maria University. She serves as our Summer Program Coordinator. As such, Bethany works seasonally in both Europe and the United States, overseeing ProRome summer programs and developing company-supplier relations.


Carol Long

Tour Coordinator

Carol’s primary role is organizing the many details of each tour. Carol also shares her deep knowledge of Art History with our summer program students. 


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