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By Joseph Long, Our Founder

The Eternal City. Rome is the center of classical civilization, the cornerstone of medieval civilization and the foundation of western civilization. Rome’s legacy transcends the ages and still to this day is influencing peoples, nations and cultures. Rome truly is the Caput Mundi.

This realization dawned on me when I was nineteen years old, studying abroad in Rome as an undergrad. I was stricken by the greatness of Rome and knew that I needed to return. So, two years later I did return, on a one-way ticket, intent on starting a tour company that would highlight the greatest aspects of Rome’s transcendent and awe-inspiring legacy. I dove right in and dedicated two years to studying, touring and developing a professional network. In 2014 I returned to the United States and officially incorporated ProRome as an LLC in my home-state of Virginia.

Since 2014 we have designed and hosted nearly one hundred tours throughout Italy and all of Europe. Our tours are highly personalized and seek to provide life-changing experiences of faith, history and culture for our groups.

Our logo is a cross within a compass. We bring our clients to the wellsprings of culture in order to experience the beauty of Christianity and Christian culture. 

“ProRome.” Through God’s providence Rome civilized the world, becoming the foundation for an even greater civilization, the Christian world. We chose the name because through Rome the world was made Christian.

“The most amazing trip of my life!”

The most amazing trip of my life! Eye opening and each day gets more and more exciting. Never before have I felt so welcomed into a city such as Rome and never have I had better food and better sights to see along the way!

Whether it was the fascinating architecture of the Colosseum, the ornate and decorative churches or the complexity and awe-inspiring beauty of the Vatican, ProRome offers something new and amazing each and every single day!

Best trip of my life and will always be the best trip I have ever taken!

Thomas Bright, Texas

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