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Scroll down for an overview of each tour or click “start planning” to request a detailed brochure! Please note that this list is not exhaustive as we can customize any request for European group travel.


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Who We Serve

Catholic Parishes

A number of Catholic parishes work with us. That’s because we arrange daily private Masses in the beautiful churches of Europe. We also offer educational tours and lectures in Church history.

Schools and Universities

High schools and Universities across the Unites States have hired us. That’s because we’re flexible with dates and we meet every budget. We promise to educate and this makes us the right fit for any educational institution.

Private Organizations

We’re the perfect company for non-profit and private organizations who are looking to offer the trip of-a-lifetime to their loyal members and supporters.

Family and Friend Groups

Many of our trips have been organized for groups of family and friends. Once again, we’re flexible and we meet every budget.


  • Rome & Assisi
  • Venice, Florence & Rome
  • Sicily & Malta
  • From Lourdes to Fatima
  • From Switzerland to Poland
  • Danube River Cruise
  • The Best of Ireland
  • In the Footsteps of Pope Saint John Paul II
  • Catholic England
Rome & Assisi

This is the original ProRome tour. The Eternal City is unlike any other city in the world. In art, architecture and history it far surpasses its European counterparts. From the vast borders of the Roman Empire to the spiritual dominion of Catholic Church, the Caput Mundi has literally touched the lives of billions of people, fundamentally guiding the course of world history for the better. We consider it the bastion of Western Civilization. On this tour you’ll be immersed in the Caput Mundi for ten days, exploring the ancient forums and temples, the underground crypts and catacombs, and the beautiful churches and museums of Bella Roma.

from $1495.00

Venice, Florence and Rome

Italy is arguably the most beautiful place in the entire world. This is a journey in beauty. Beginning in Venice you will explore the hidden canals of a city that once commanded the entire Mediterranean with its fleet. Before heading south into Tuscany, you’ll first visit the burial place of the great St. Anthony of Padua. In Tuscany you’ll stay in a Renaissance villa snuggled among olive groves and overlooking the wonderful city of Florence. From there you’ll get to visit Florence’s many churches and museums as well as embark on shorter day trips to Pisa and Cinque Terre. As you say “Arrivederci” to Tuscany you look ahead to the Eternal City, the Caput Mundi, Rome, Italy. Here you’ll spend the last four days of our trip, seeing the Pope, exploring the Vatican and climbing the steps of the Flavian Amphitheater, the Colosseum.

from $2595.00

From Lourdes to Fatima

This is a great pilgrimage to some of the most important shrines in the Catholic world. From Toulouse in the south of France you will embark on a great journey, beginning in Lourdes and completing in Fatima, Portugal. After visiting Lourdes you will traverse the Pyrenees into Spain and journey towards the burial place of the Apostle James at Santiago de Compostela. From there you will head south into Portugal towards Fatima. On your journey you will visit some of the ancient Christian kingdoms that successfully led the Reconquest of Spain and expelled the Moors from these Christian lands. You will experience the beauty of the Mediterranean world and personally encounter a culture that is very much alive.

from $2795.00

Sicily & Malta

This trip explores the rich culture, history, and artistic traditions of the islands of Sicily and Malta. On this adventure you will explore some the most beautiful places in the entire world – temples, churches and amphitheaters that are themselves eye-witnesses to thousands of years of history and different civilizations. You’ll also enjoy the food, wine and rhythm of a world that is very much alive – the Mediterranean world. Private motor-coach, luxury 4 and 5 Star hotels and private tours complement all of this making the trip a true gem.

from $2995.00

From Switzerland to Poland

On this trip you will traverse the Alps, climb castles and breath mountain air. You will experience the real Europe, wandering through some of her most beautiful cities, such as Munich, Salzburg, Prague and Krakow. You will also visit the holiest shrines in central Europe, from Altötting in Germany Częstochowa in Poland to the Holy Infant in Prague. And you will also visit the birthplaces and homes of our humble shepherds, Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Complement all of this with luxury four and five star hotels, private motor-coach transportation and private guides from start to finish and you have the trip of a lifetime.

from $2995.00

Danube River Cruise

Plan a summer trip aboard the AmaCerto, a state of the art vessel operated by Ama Waterways. Along the way you will explore the beautiful countries of Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.

This exclusive journey features daily Mass in the great churches of Europe, private visits to many beautiful and sacred sites, great food, wine and company and much more. The trip is well-structured and makes for an enjoyable vacation: two nights in Budapest,
seven nights aboard the AmaCerto, and a final night in Nuremburg.

from $3595.00

The Best of Ireland

On this trip you will climb mountains and explore castles. You will experience the unique beauty of Ireland, visiting many beautiful towns, coastlines and historic sites. You will also visit the holiest shrines and monasteries throughout the Emerald Isle, such as Knock, Glendalough and Skellig Michael. Most importantly, your chaplain will celebrate daily Mass for us throughout the course of the trip.

Complement all of this with charming four-star hotels, private motor-coach transportation and private guides from start to finish and you have the trip of a lifetime.

from $2595.00

In the Footsteps of Pope St. John Paul II

On this journey you will visit some of the most spectacular places in the world. You begin n Poland, where you will visit the most holy sanctuary of Jasna Gora and venerate the image of Our Lady of Częstochowa. You’ll then spend three days in southern Poland, visiting Krakow, the Divine Mercy Shrine, the Wieliczka Salt Mines, Auschwitz and the birthplace of Pope Saint John Paul II at Wadowice. You’re then off to Italy where you will
enjoy five days exploring the Eternal City and finally a day-trip to Assisi! Daily Mass will be celebrated in the many holy sites along the way, culminating with a Mass at the tomb of Pope Saint John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica!

from $2995.00

Since 2014, we have been hosting group pilgrimages throughout Europe. Our efficient planning and preparation make us popular, but it is the quality experience of our trips that make us the best. Just take a look at our reviews!

Enrich your life.

Our goal is to enrich your life. Our trips stay in authentic four and five star hotels, feature educational lectures and tours in European history and absolutely great food, wine and company. Not to mention private motor-coaches and guides throughout!

Tailored to fit your needs.

Most companies allow you to join their trips. We, however, tailor our trips just for you and your group.

Meeting Every Budget

Quality is the priority at ProRome. That’s why we stay in great hotels and totally privatize everything just for you. That being said, we are happy to customize our trips to meet your particular budget.

“Highly, Highly recommend!

This was an anniversary trip – I didn’t want to do a tour group thing, but husband did. So glad we went this route – this is not your parents’ “tour group” gig!”

Steve and Kathi Boor, Texas

“The accommodations ProRome Tours arranged were amazing.

“They had us in a picturesque villa stocked with local wine, cheeses, and meats.”

Joshua Blonski, Minnesota

“Fantastic trip. Trip of a lifetime.

They had us staying at very nice hotels, very close to all the sites. Wonderful.”

Brian and Lisa Duyck, Wyoming


I’d like to take a group to Europe. How many people must sign up?

Our trips require a minimum of 20, and a maximum of 40 travelers.

How would you characterize your trips? I want to make sure that ProRome is for me.

Client-focused. We do everything for you. We’ll analyze your group and put together a trip that perfectly fits your needs.

We would some help in deciding where and when to go. Can you help us out?

Of course we can. We’ll share with you a variety of sample itineraries so that you can make an informed decision.

We’d like to go to Italy next year at some point. Now what do we do?

Let’s talk. That way we can dive right into the details. Within 2-3 weeks we’ll have everything ready for you to start promoting!

My wife and I would like to visit Venice before meeting the group in Rome. Can we still be a part of the group flight?

Absolutely. You will fly over on your own and then fly back with the group. As long as 50% of your trip is with the group.

What happens if we try to organize a trip but it doesn’t work out?

Nothing at all. We’ve just become friends and we can always try to put something together again in the future.


How much do your trips cost?

It absolutely depends on your group. When you would like to go and what you would like to do will help determine the overall cost of the trip. Our trips have ranged everywhere between $2695.00 and $5995.00.

Is there any sort of discount available for the trip leader?

Trip leaders go for free.

Travel Safety

Is ProRome Tours insured? Also, is there travel insurance available for the group?

Yes. We are fully insured with the International Advantage ® Commercial Insurance Policy through ACE American Insurance Company. And yes, travel insurance can be purchased through ProRome.

We’re a little bit worried about the state of affairs in Europe. What would you say about that?

Europe is going through a difficult time. That said none of our groups have never felt threatened while traveling with us. We stay in safe hotels and remain vigilant and smart while out on tour.

Furthermore, ProRome remains in close contact with the American embassies throughout Europe, notifying them of our trips. Therefore in the case of emergency the authorities know where we are and how to reach us.

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