Family Trips & Weddings

Incredible Venues throughout Europe 

Taking Pilgrim Groups to the Wellsprings of Catholic Culture

What We Can Do For You

Beautiful Weddings

We can arrange for you to be married in St. Peter’s in Rome or in any other church throughout Europe.  

Incredible Venues

From rooftops in Rome to vineyards above Florence, we have an incredible network of venues for you to choose from.

Transportation & Tours

We’ll arrange all of your group’s transportation needs, from flights to limousines and more. We’ll also arrange private tours just for your group. 

Serving Family Groups Since 2014

Since 2014 we’ve been organizing and operating trips throughout Europe.

We connect with locals in order to bring you the finest and most authentic European experience. 

So whether it be a wedding in Rome followed by a reception overlooking the Pantheon, or a family vacation to Tuscany, we’re here for you. 

We provide the following services free of charge prior to any financial commitment on the part of the booking party:

  • Trip Planning and Preparation
  • Promotional Materials and Registration Forms
  • Comprehensive and Detailed Tour Itinerary
  • Detailed Quote

Years Established

Completed Trips

What Makes Us Exceptional

Timely and Professional Planning

You tell us exactly what you want. We’ll then get to work for you. Within two weeks you’ll have a proposal. 

    Incredible Venues & Services

    We promise to find a venue that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. 


    Authentically European

    We work exclusively with European travel professionals in order to source the finest products for you. 

    “The accommodationProRome arranged was amazing.”

    “They had us in a picturesque villa stocked with local wine, cheeses, and meats.”

    Joshua Blonski, Minnesota 


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    (800) 280-5283

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