Join Father Gregory Thompson of the Diocese of Arlington and ProRome director Joseph Long on pilgrimage to Rome this Easter! This trip is priced at $3100.00 per person, which included airfare from Washington, DC. 

On this trip we will visit Rome for eight days, exploring the ancient forums and temples, the underground crypts and catacombs, and the beautiful churches and museums of the Eternal City. We’ll have the chance to see the Pope (twice!), get lost in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and enjoy wonderful Italian cuisine. Last but not least, we will visit the “Seraphic City,” Assisi, Italy, known as the home and burial place of one of history’s greatest saints, St. Francis. 

Detailed Trip Overview

We arrive in Rome on Good Friday and begin our pilgrimage at the Colosseum. The Vicar of Christ on earth, the Pope, will lead us in the Stations of the Cross, commemorating the great sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. This great sacrifice inspired so many courageous Christians throughout the centuries to take up their own crosses. Some would even die in the Colosseum. Thus our trip begins at the roots of the Faith.

On Holy Saturday we will visit the most important relics of Jesus Christ, such as the Crib in which He was born, the Pillar from the Scourging, the Table of the Last Supper and the True Cross. We’ll learn all about how these relics came to Rome as we walk in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims, all who came to Rome for the same reason –to become encouraged in their Faith.

The Easter Vigil in St. Peter’s Basilica is the most glorious celebration in the Catholic world. We will join twenty thousand other pilgrims in this the most beautiful church in the world, built over the tomb of St. Peter, and watch as the Pope himself leads the great candle-lit procession and begins the Vigil Mass.

The next morning we’ll enjoy a late breakfast followed by a private Easter Mass with Father Thompson. Over the course of Easter week we will be immersed in the glory of Rome. Our visit is designed so that we can actually walk through history, beginning underground in the crypts and catacombs and ending in the domed-churches of the Renaissance. We’ll learn all about the martyrs and the persecutions first-hand, visiting the actual places where great saints like Peter and Paul were martyred. We’ll examine how the pagan Roman world set the stage for the coming of Christ, and witness as the world was transformed in Christ.

This trip is a true immersion experience in the history and traditions of the Catholic Church. Father Thompson will celebrate daily Mass for our group throughout the course of the trip in the most beautiful churches of Rome. Some of these churches have been standing for nearly 1700 years! We’ll also visit Assisi, the home of St. Francis and St. Claire. This medieval town is
sometimes known as the “Seraphic City” due to it’s other-worldly beauty.

On a lighter note, we will enjoy fine Roman food – such as pizza, gelato and pasta – on a daily basis and also enjoy some time for shopping in Italy’s most elegant shopping street, the Via dei Condotti. At the end of the trip we’ll throw a few coins in the Trevi Fountain, certain to return one day to the Eternal City.

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