ProRome partners with schools, parishes and private organizations, offering two unique services.

First and foremost, we custom-design and host trips throughout Europe.

One such trip, for example, was designed for Benedictine College Preparatory (an all-boys school in Richmond, VA) in 2015. We met their budget and hosted a trip that exceeded their expectations. The boys attended daily Mass in the great churches of Rome, met with bishops and cardinals in the Vatican, lived with Benedictine monks in Norcia for a weekend, attended a Papal Audience, visited Assisi, went white-water rafting and experienced the rich culinary delights of the Italian peninsula. This trip is just one example of dozens of trips that we have operated for different parishes and schools. Every trip is absolutely unique. We believe that every school should have an abroad program.

We also offer high school summer programs in Rome, Italy.

These programs are 100% staffed by ProRome and open to high school students from around the world. Catholica Summer Program, based in Rome, is an immersion program in Church History and Latin and is open to boys ages 14 – 17. Our boys attend daily Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, explore the city of Rome, study Latin and Church History, play sports, explore the Italian countryside and more.  Bella Vita Summer Program, based in Florence and Rome, is an immersion program in Art History, Italian and Cooking and is open to girls ages 14 – 17. For three weeks our girls study Art History while being completely immersed in the beauty of Italian culture, learning how to speak and cook like an Italian. A number of schools throughout the United States offer these programs to their students for class credit or simply as a summer opportunity.

“My son attended the inaugural Catholica Summer Program for young men in 2017.

He had a wonderful time and has returned home with a deepened passion for his faith, history and his own future. He was well prepared by the communications we received prior to the trip and well cared for during the entire trip. It was an experience of a lifetime!”

Jen Anselmi, Colorado

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