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Group Tours and Summer Programs throughout Europe

At ProRome we’re dedicated to one thing: education through travel. Real education is a “leading outside of” – from the Latin -“e-ducare.” We lead our clients out of their normal lives and into the old-world of Europe, in all of its history, culture and beauty.

Our goal is to enrich those who travel with us. Our tours are unique: four and five star hotels, private tours and motor-coaches, history lectures, and great food, wine and good company. We also organize daily private Masses in the most beautiful churches of Europe for our pilgrimage groups. Simply put, our trips are unparalleled in personality and filled with charm all the way through.

We also offer high school summer programs in Italy.

These programs are 100% staffed by ProRome and open to high school students from around the world. Catholica Summer Program, based in Rome, is an immersion program in Church History and Latin and is open to boys ages 14 – 17. Our boys attend daily Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, explore the city of Rome, study Latin and Church History, play sports, explore the Italian countryside and more.  Bella Vita Summer Program, based in Florence and Rome, is an immersion program in Art History, Italian and Cooking and is open to girls ages 14 – 17. For three weeks our girls study Art History while being completely immersed in the beauty of Italian culture, learning how to speak and cook like an Italian.

“It was outstanding.”

My 15 year son recently went on Catholica Summer Program. It was outstanding and the experience he had was not just fun for him but also a solid experience for his faith development. I highly recommend sending your son through this program. He also made friends for a lifetime.

Mike Edge, Kentucky

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