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What Makes ProRome Unique?

We are both an outbound and an inbound tour operator. This means that we promote tours here in the USA that will go abroad (outbound), and that we operate every aspect of the tour itself (inbound). We hand-select the flights, the buses, the hotels, the restaurants, the tour guides, the tour itineraries – everything is designed just for your group. We truly are custom tour builders.

You see, we’re not simply purchasing and reselling a package from a large tour operator, but rather we are designing and customizing a trip from just for you.

What We Do

We partner with private groups and organizations, planning and operating exceptional trips throughout Europe. We offer a wide variety of packaged tours and can also design a custom itinerary per the requests of the group.


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Individual Travelers

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Priceless. Do it.

Knowledgeable and confident, they make you feel comfortable and safe 5000 miles from home while experiencing the riches of the old world. The ability to tailor a trip to the needs and requests of a dozen people at once is remarkable – priceless. Do it.

Fr. Thomas Longua, Pastor.
Mater Dei Catholic Parish. Irving, TX | May 2016.

The Most Amazing Trip of My Life

Whether it was the fascinating architecture of the Colosseum, the ornate and decorative churches or the complexity and awe-inspiring beauty of the Vatican, ProRome offers something new and amazing each and every single day!

Mr. Thomas Bright
Texas | August, 2018.


Highly Recommend.

Great family-run company, solidly Catholic, personal attention, customized tours. Highly recommend.

Father Bryan Jerabek, Rector, St. Paul’s Cathedral

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